The school would entertain applications from the parents desirous of transport facility, to be arranged on their behalf by the school. The school would arrange a bus on monthly hire basis from the market on behalf of such applicants. The school would only act as a co-ordinator between the “user parents’ children” and the transporter by way of collecting the Bus Fee from the parents and payment to the transporter.

For details of the bus routes, please follow the following link:

Bus Rules

  1. The students would be picked-up from and dropped at the stops fixed by the school. Any request for changes in bus-stops and bus routes to suit an individual’s convenience may not be possible. The route wise bus stops alongwith probable arrival timings respectively have been notified in the notice board at the school office and in the link provided above . Parents who are desirous of availing the transport facility for their child are requested to check the route and the bus stop convenient to them and mention it in the prescribed form available at the school fee counter.
  2. One way transport facility would not be given. In any case, the bus fee would be charged for both ways.
  3. Discontinuation of the transport usage is to be intimated in writing at least a month before or payment of one month’s transport fee in lieu of such intimation/notice is to made.
  4. The transport fee must be regularly paid every month alongwith the school fee on all school working days between 1st to 15th of the ensuing month. If the fee remains unpaid for the 2nd consecutive month, the school would have no other option but to debar the student from using the transport and offer the vacancy created to the next wait listed desiring student.
  5. The transport fee is to be paid for 11 months.
  6. The parents may have to arrange on their own for bringing their child to and collecting him/her from the school owing to any disturbance in the town. No remission of fee on this account would be possible.
  7. Cooperation is solicited from the parents, if at any time, inconvenience is caused to them due to delay of the transport on either way owing to breakdown of the transport or for any reason beyond the control of the transporter. In such a rare and unforeseen event the parents would have to arrange on their own, transportation of their wards to and from the school.
  8. All students using the school bus are expected to be on the right side of their bus stops at least five minutes prior to the arrival time of the bus.
  9. The bus will not wait for the late comers.
  10. The children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  11. No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it has made a complete stop.



Firayalal Public School – User ID for Parent’s App
Android, iOS & Web App Details for School Bus GPS Tracking
Android App Name ingeniostrack Download App from Play Store
Apple iOS App Name flitrack Download App from App Store
Web URL (On Computer) Google Chrome Recommended
Enter Server Name (for Mobile Apps) ingenios Same for both Android & iOS
User ID Enter User ID of your Bus from below table ID & Password Same for Android/iOS/Web
Password Enter Password of your Bus from below table Check mark on “Remember Me” check-box


Firayalal Public School – User ID & Password for Parents (All Buses)
BUS NO. User ID Password
JH 01CK 5494 (B1) fpsb1 54321
JH 01CK 3809 (B2) fpsb2 56789
JH 01BT 5422 (B3) fpsb3 65432
JH 01BT 9788 (B4) fpsb4 45678
JH 01BA 7860 (B5) fpsb5 76543
JH 06C 6667 (B6) fpsb6 34567