The design of the school building which allows excellent natural light and fresh air in every spacious class-room, as well as, the immaculate green lawns and plantations outside, all combine are an effort to keep children amidst greenery and nature. A large auditorium at the adjacent premises is used from time to time for various school activities (curriculum as well as for co-curricular activities).

The playground has many swings, slides, see-saws, hand bars & merry-go-rounds to cheer up and entertain children of primary wing and make them happy and healthy.

Some of the facilities at our school are listed below:

Nursery Wing

Full efforts are made not to swamp the child with academics only. The curriculum has been carefully designed to be child oriented and focuses around play where formal teaching is discouraged. A play room equipped with Montessori and Sensorial education materials form part of our Nursery wing.

Music Department

With the aim of unearthing inborn talent and providing a conducive environment for personality development of a child, the school has its music department with all modern and traditional musical instruments.

Smart Learning Classes

4 Smart Learning Class rooms have been set up in April 2013 in collaboration with ExtraMarks Education Pvt. Ltd. Smart Learn Class program transforms a regular classroom into a technology enabled classroom by equipping it with the requisite hardware and learning software. With its special teaching aids, it equips a school with its scientifically designed content, devised by education experts and senior academicians for Pre-Primary level to Class XII. All the teaching content is of immense benefit as it flows in an easy receptive manner. With its, School and students move towards a common goal of effective and lasting learning. The Pedagogy followed at Smart Learn Class aims to provide an engaging, child-centric, teaching learning environment focused on over all development of the child.

Library (Knowledge Hub)

The library at our school caters to the unending queries of children by providing quality books, reading materials and journals. Students enjoy the pleasure of reading and quench their thirst for knowledge. The school library has more than five thousand books covering different fields. It has an open shelf system and students must help to maintain order and method in different shelves.

Art Department

In order to blossom the fertile imagination of the child, the school has its art department with well versed faculty and all facilities which helps to nurture the qualities of the child.

Computer Lab

The school has 2 well equipped computer labs and highly qualified instructors to make the children techno-savvy. Each of the two computer lab is furnished with more than 50 computers – one computer per child. The school prepares each child to face today’s hi-tech world of computers.


The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Social Science laboratories for the students to learn through vigorous training and practice under the guidance of competent teachers. To inculcate mathematical aptitude amongst students, a new dimension is added to faculty of mathematics with the maths lab. All these labs help the child to venture in many directions and explore the unknown and enable them to understand various concepts in a practical way.

Sports and Yoga

For “all round development” of the students, academics and sports are given equal emphasis. Students are not confined within the four walls of the classroom, but are provided with training and practice to excel in sporting and physical activities for multidimensional development of their personality and to keep them stress free.

Yoga classes are regularly held to enhance the concentration level of the students.

Driving Force

We believe education should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life long process. The success that we have achieved so far is through unassailable optimism, unwavering faith and diligent work of our team of dynamic, keen, confident and courageous staff. With our undying spirit and determination we have made everyone take notice of our victory.

We have been organizing workshops and seminars from time to time for our faculties to enable them to stay ahead in their respective fields.

Parent-Teachers Meet

Parents teachers meetings are held from time to time to enable parents to have a better understanding of their child’s performance and behaviour both in the classroom and outside.

Health Care

The school has a sick room which is fully furnished with beds and first aid box with required medicines. Timely medical aid is given to the students if required in case of minor injury/illness. Health check up is conducted regularly. Special attention has been given to provide best levels of hygiene. The toilets and drinking water areas have been structured to suit various age groups of children.

CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras are installed in all the class rooms, corridors etc. to monitor every student and to make them aware and careful all the time. It also helps in maintaining discipline and proper supervision of all the activities of the school.

House System

In order to create an atmosphere of healthy competition and sportsman spirit, most of the students activities are governed by the house system. Students are divided into four houses namely Gyan, Anand, Shanti and Maitri. Inter house competitions are held regularly to ensure that every child participates in these competitions and nurture their talent. It develops leadership qualities amongst students which would help them to lead from front in various fields.

( Details of Infrastructure )