Activity List for the Academic Session 2016 – 2017

Group 2 : Classes IX to XII House Head – Mrs Anupama

 27/04/16 Introduction + Election of captain & vice-captain.
11/05/16 Declamation (Ms. Shewta Jha)
22/06/16 Poster Making (Topic Given on Spot)
03/08/16 Mathematical Quiz (Mr. K. Mishra )
02/11/16 Solo Classical Dance (Mrs. Krishna)
16/11/16 Debate (Ms. Shweta Jha/ Mrs. N.Pathak)
07/12/16 Picture Description (Hindi/English) (Ms. Shweta Jha/ Mrs. N.Pathak)
11/01/17 Flower Arrangement (Mrs.Mukta + Ms. Nahid)

NOTE : Marks / Points will be allotted for the March Past on 15 August i.e. Independence Day to all the Houses.

Duty After School : Each House has to select Volunteer from the senior classes (Cl – IX to XII ) who will stand in the coridoors, on the stair and along with the bus line to ensure that all the students leave in the line from school. Any Failure in this duty shall lead to the deduction of 2 marks / points from the over all points secured by the particular houses.

Note : This duty is to performed for a whole week in rotation in a month by all the houses as given below :

1st Week – Anand
2nd Week – Gyan
3rd Week – Maitri
4th Week – Shanti

Note : 

  1. Winners from the house activities will be selected for Inter School Competetion
  2. The In charge for various Activites have to train the students of all the four houses as these teachers do not belong to any particular house.