(2016– 2017) APRIL TO JANUARY

06/04/16 Introduction + Election of Captain & Vice-Captain (Housewise).
20/04/16 Quiz (Science/ Maths / Current Affairs )
04/05/16 Mother’s Day (Song/Speech) (Mrs Krishna)
29/06/16 Solo Dance Competetion (Mrs Krishna)
27/07/16 House Day (Heritage Club/ Drama) (Mrs Krishna + Ms. Nahid)
10/08/16  Antakshri/Making Rakhi (Mrs.Mukta)
26/10/16 Diya Decoration/Rangoli Competetion(Mrs.Mukta+ Ms. Nahid)
23/11/16 Salad Dressing Competetion/Thali Decorations (Mrs.Mukta+ Ms. Nahid)
14/12/16 Christmas Tree decoration/Group song (Mrs.Mukta+ Mrs Krishna)
25/1/17 Saraswati Vandana Competetion (Mrs Krishna)

Note: Marks/points will be allotted for the March Past on 15th August, i.e. Independence Day for all the houses.

The in charge of various activities have to train the students of all the four houses as these teachers do not belong to any particular group