Fee Structure

FEE STRUCTURE FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-20 (for Classes Nursery to X)

1. Admission fees (Payable once at the time of admission-Non-refundable – Only applicable for new entrants)

Class Nursery & Prep ,Class I & II 6600.00
Class III to V 8800.00
Class VI & VII 11000.00
Class VIII & IX 16500.00

2. Annual fees (Payable once every year along with fees of April)

For all classes(Nursery to X) 6425.00

3. Monthly fees (Payable every month) as below:

i Tuition Fee 2045.00
  Total 2045.00
i Tuition Fee 2255.00
  Total 2255.00
i Tuition Fee 2600.00
  Total 2600.00

Insurance Charge : Rs.200/-(Shall be charged with the fees of June)


  1.  The School Fee and Bus Fee (if availing bus) are to be paid        monthly from 1st to 15th (working days only) of every month            between 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at the school Fee Counter.
  2.  The fee is charged on monthly basis. The last date for payment of fee shall be 15th of each month. The fee for the month of February and March should be paid together in the month of February before 15th February.
  3. Late payments can be made from 1st to 15th of next month with a late fine of Rs. 50/- p.m. for every unpaid month.
  4. If the arrears remain unpaid consecutively for two months, the school would have no other option but to take an unpleasant decision of debarring the student from using the school services. Readmission in such cases may only be considered (subject to availability of seat) on payment of all outstanding dues and re-admission charges, fine etc. An amount of Rs. 500/- has to be paid as re-admission charges. Students whose fee remains as an arrear would be debarred from taking the 1st term/Final exams until their dues are cleared. 

5.   The Fee for the month of March is to be paid alongwith the fee of February respectively.

6. Charge for group photograph, educational trip & school magazine has to be paid with the fee of April.

7. For the old students, the Annual Charges are payable alongwith the Fees of April i.e. between 1st and 15th of April every year.

8. No reduction in fee will be made on account of absence, holidays and broken periods.

9.The amount of the school fee and other charges are subject to revision from time to time.

10. Parents are required to make the payments within the stipulated period to avoid late payment fine and also to help us run the institution smoothly.

11. Parents would be given an original copy of “BILL CUM PAYMENT RECEIPT VOUCHER” in lieu of payment made by them.

12.Parents are requested to keep the said receipts as a proof of payment made, if required and time later.

13.Part payments are not accepted.

14. Full year’s fee can be paid in advance if it is convenient to the parents.

15.The fee can be deposited either in school or online in the school’s account w.e.f. 1st April 2019.

16. No post dated cheques are acceptable.