Information and instructions regarding Summer Vacations




FPS/PC/06/2019-20                                                                                                            Date:-11.05.19


            Greetings from Firayalal Public School, Ranchi!

Dear Parents,


This is to inform you that summer vacation would be from 13.05.19 The school would reopen on 17.06.19 and the timings would be as follows after vacations.

                   Joyful Junior and Smart Senior              –   7.45-12.15PM

I to X                                                                        7.45-2.00PM

XI-XII                                                              7.45-1.15PM

The common link between you and us is your child.

He /She is very precious to both. We as a school do all that we can to expose him/her to all the development that the world is making. Yet ,your role in this of paramount importance too. If you show your appreciation & trust in the policies of school he/she will also learn to trust & appreciate the same. If you show that you believe that the school has the child’s best interest behind all its actions, he/she will believe the same.

I urge you to spend quality time during vacation with your children & make them read books & newspaper & partake small duties that helps in the housework, engage in meaningful conversations with them, take their opinion on things, talk of things happening across the world, inculcate values through your own actions & help them to see how there is a happy would which lies outside the T.V. movies, video games, malls & social networking sites.

With  the hope that you will spend a wonderful time & create a treasure of memories with your children & I wish you the very best for the vacations. May it be full of love, health, peace, laughter & prosperity for you..


God bless