Circular for the new session for Classes Pre-Nursery to VIII


Classes Pre Nursery to VIII                           Circular no.- 512

Date – 11/03/13

Dear Parents,

The academic session 2012-13 is on the verge of completion. We furnish herewith some information for session 2013-2014.

  • The report card will be issued on 22nd March 2013 i.e. Friday for Classes Pre Nursery to VIII between 9:00a.m. to 11:45a.m.  Students to come in school uniform with parents.
  •  The academic session 2013-14 will start from 1st April 2013 for Classes II to IX & for Classes Pre Nursery to I on 2nd April 2013.
  • Parents are requested to collect the I Card form from the respective class teachers and fill it correctly on Report card day and return.


  • Parent can collect the text books, exercise books, stationery, bow, belt, tie etc from 22nd to 26th March 2013 between 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Parents of students from classes Pre Nursery to III have to handover the complete set of text books properly covered with brown paper labeled with names and class pasted on top right hand corner and exercise copies covered with plastic transparent sheet to the respective class teacher on 30th March 2013 between 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Students of classes IV to IX have to submit books and exercise copies on 1st April 2013.


  • Parents can check the new transport route, stoppages and timing on the notice board from 22nd March 2013.
  • The name and the class should be clearly mentioned on all the belongings of the students. Belt, Jerseys, Blazers should also bear a marked label giving the name of the students. Please check the fitting and colour of the dress before purchasing.
  • Parents are requested to check the hair cut, uniform, nails, punctuality and see that their ward carries books according to the time table.
  • Attendance is compulsory on the first day of the new session.
  • The first page of the school diary must be filled properly, change of contact no. or address must be updated.

Thanking you.