Classes Pre-Nursery to Prep – Schedule for class assessment commencing from 10th September 2012


Circular no. :506

                                Date: 31st August 2012

Classes Pre-Nursery to Prep


Dear Parent/Guardian

Please note the following information & guidelines:

Teachers Day: Children will have special assembly for the Teachers Day on 5th Sep. 2012. The School will be over at 10:15a.m. Parents are
requested to collect their ward from their respective bus stoppages accordingly.

Assessment & Results:

  • Assessment of progress of students will be done through their class assessment in September from the syllabus which has been provided to the students earlier, therefore attendance of your ward is compulsory. Assessment Routine is given below.
  • For better result of the students please devote proper attention towards their studies.
  • Late comers shall not be allowed to appear in the assessment.
  • From 10th Sept to 24th Sept.2012 the school will be over at 12:15p.m. Parents to collect their ward from the respective bus stoppages accordingly. Students will go back by the same bus from which they come in the morning.
  • Collect the result of your ward on 6th Oct. 2012 (Saturday) between 9:00 a.m. & 12:15 p.m.

General Information:

  • Nursery & Prep parents please send a stamp size photograph for pasting on the report card latest by 6th Sept. 2012 with name & class of the student written at the back of the photograph.
  • It has been observed that many parents have not filled up students Identification Details page given in the school dairy. Parents to fill all the details.
  • Please clear all school dues (if any), before 10th Sept. 2012 else your ward shall be debarred from taking the examination.
  • Classes will remain suspended from 25th Sept. to 30th Sept. 2012.Final Term will commence from 1st Oct. 2012.



Date (Day)

Pre-Nursery Nursery Prep
10/09/2012  (Monday)

Eng Written &  Eng Oral



12/09/2012  (Wednesday)

Pattern Writing/ F.H.D./Eng Reco.

Hindi Rhy ./Hindi-Oral

Maths Written / Maths Oral

14/09/2012 (Friday)

Hindi Rhymes/Eng.Rhymes

Conversation/ F.H.D.

Hindi Written / Colouring

19/09/2012 (Wednesday)

Maths  Written/ Maths Oral

Maths  Written /Maths Oral


21/09/2012 (Friday)

Conv./  Colouring/ Pasting

Phonodrill (R)/ Eng. Rhymes

Eng Reading (Stepping Stone)/ Conv./Eng.Rhy.

24/09/2012 (Monday)

G.K. /  Printing/No. Reco.

Colouring./ G.K./ Eng. Oral

. Hindi Rhymes / Reading(shabd bharti)



(A.K. Dwivedi)